The RODA, the Next Generation of a Timeless Desk Toy, Just Launched on Kickstarter

A Clever Gizmo That Entertains and Educates

CHICAGO, April 16, 2019 - Mechanical Design Labs has a unique philosophy on desk toys. The company began when the founder, Jose Cardona, grew dissatisfied over the limited abilities of self-purported science desk toys. He realized that there was an untapped potential to apply well known science principles to classic desk toys, and expand their capability to entertain and educate. The RODA Gyroscope, now available on Kickstarter, revolutionizes the classic desk toy to include mesmerizing new abilities.


Gyroscopes have delighted generations of people with their unintuitive behaviors. These devices seem to defy gravity by balancing on a finger, or a string. The patent pending RODA expands these capabilities with some major innovations that take advantage of the underlying physics in a sleek design. 


“We believe there’s a geek in all of us” said Jose Cardona, founder of Mechanical Design Labs. “The RODA bridges the gap between science and design, bringing science out of the classroom and into a unique experience right at your fingertips.”


A unique base design takes advantage of the relationship between angular momentum and torque to allow the RODA to rotate against gravity, when intuition would suggest this was impossible. The RODA can also be held by rotating disks on the sides, by simple movements of the hand, the rotation of the RODA can be controlled, making it the ideal toy for fidgeters. 


The RODA is available through the Kickstarter campaign for as low as $69.  The company is seeking to raise $10,000 through the crowdfunding platform. The funds will go towards the first production run of the RODA, with delivery as soon as August 2019. 


“Our team has experience ranging from rocket design to nuclear power plant engineering”, said Jose. “And we're putting it all into our products.”



Mechanical Design Labs is revolutionizing the field of desk toys. The Chicago-based company has launched their first product, with a host of others being designed and prototyped. We exist to create cool toys, gadgets, and gizmos that fascinate and educate. 

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